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Welcome to Business Tech Meetup London! We're a lively London-based group, uniting tech lovers and business minds.

Our community is rich with entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and investors, all exploring the cutting-edge of business and tech. Our events include everything from casual discussions to in-depth workshops, catering to all – new entrepreneurs, seasoned techies, those seeking new career paths, or investors searching for their next venture. Dive into a world of networking, learning, and endless possibilities.



Our group is inclusive and welcomes everyone, no matter their familiarity with cryptocurrency. Whether you’re just beginning your crypto journey or you’re already well-versed in the digital currency world, we’re here to embrace all levels of experience.


Digital Currency

This community gathers individuals passionate about the digital currency landscape, including Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Stablecoins, and the transformative impact of blockchain on digital currencies.


D3.js & other Tech

The group offers a forum for members to stay updated on the newest advancements in D3.js and visualization. It’s a space where members can exchange their knowledge and perspectives, and work together on projects like data visualization techniques and more.


Latest Tech

A meetup group focused on providing a space for dynamic and insightful conversations about the most recent trends and advancements in the technology sector.


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At the forefront of its sector, the London Business and Tech Meetup Association has been a trailblazer, dedicated to nurturing a loyal and growing community. We provide our members with invaluable resources, unparalleled opportunities, and a well-established support network. If you’re looking to succeed, we have the tools to help you. Interested in joining? We’re open to new members – reach out to us today.

Web 3.0

A Meetup community delving into the fast-paced advancements of Web3 technology and its impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.


A Meetup group based in London, dedicated to investigating and understanding the possibilities offered by blockchain technology.


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